1919 Root Beer

Free old fashioned 1919 root beer served daily.

Do you remember the good old days when a drugstore was a place to meet your friends over a soda? Well the good old days are here again at Soderlund Village Drug. We offer real draft 1919 root beer made in New Ulm Minnesota the old fashioned way... It's made in an old brewery and is only available in kegs. 1919 root beer generally known by root beer connoisseurs to be the finest and best tasting root beer around.

1919 Root Beer, named for the beginning year of Prohibition was introduced during New Ulm's 1985 Heritagefest celebration. 1919 root beer is distinctive because it's a draft root beer, it can't be canned or bottled without changing the recipe. Isn't it time you got a free glass of 1919 root beer?

Stop in today to Soderlund Village Drug for your free glass of 1919 root beer.  The free 1919 root beer drank at the antique soda fountain is a real treat.

Free 1919 root beer is a
tradition at Soderlund Village Drug.

Al Arneson 1919 root beer inventor with Chris Daniels
Al Arneson the inventor of 1919 Root
Beer with Chris Daniels

Al Arneson came up with the formulation for 1919 Root Beer

Al Arneson of Sleepy Eye came up with the formula for 1919 Root Beer a few years back. 1919 Root Beer is the best root beer made! Al Arneson stopped by Soderlund Village Drug to see the soda fountain exhibit so we took his picture. Al Arsenal's son Toby Arneson is walking in his dad's footsteps to carry on the family business of making 1919 root beer. Let me be blunt! No matter how you spell it, 1919 root beer, 1919 rootbeer of just root beer, the Arneson family has the market tied up when it comes to consistently great taste. They have no equals. They don't even have any competition. 1919 ROOT BEER IS SIMPLY THE BEST ROOTBEER EVER BREWED! PERIOD! When you say root beer you have to mean Sleepy Eye's finest, 1919 Root Beer! Thanks Al and Toby Arneson! You give us one more thing to be grateful for!